Friday, 1 March 2013

Blockout WIP

I've been working on my blockout for my environment to help me figure out what stuff I want in the scene.

I started in 3DS Max trying to figure out a good layout, but found it very hard to get a sense of scale or really imagine the environment from the player's perspective. As a result it came out pretty flat and boring.

I took the result into UDK and made use of the terrain tool and existing UDK assets to get a better sense of what I wanted. After showing the environment to half a dozen students and  getting feedback from them and watching them play through the environment, I made many revisions to the layout and flow of the level. The main areas I improved were:
  • Allow the player to explore a little more (less "on-rails")
  • One area needed better guiding to help the player go the right way
  • Improve the sense of depth in the background
  • enhance the scale a little more by making things taller
  • adjust the field of view to allow the player to see more content on screen
  • many other tweaks
... so now I'm pretty happy with this layout and the content of the scene. None of the assets in the pictures that follow are my own.

I dare say I will make further adjustments, but I don't expect them to be particularly huge changes any longer.

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