Monday, 22 April 2013

Rocks - same-same but different

Although my rocks had looked okay in isolation, I was starting to feel that they were too noisy and fussy across the level. I simplified the overall look of the rocks by:
  • reducing the number of normal map details
  • using a subtler diffuse texture with fewer details
  • enhancing the strength of the asset-specific curvaturecavity/occlusion
  • bringing the overall tonal balance between lit and unlit closer together
I also reduced the expense by:
  • swapping out overlay blends for multiplies
  • removing the "texture rotates with asset rotation" stuff (since the textures were now rotation independent)
  • simplifying the top-down lighting stuff
I also improved their placement by increasing scale and using fewer pieces to simplify the shapes and create less "clutter".



You may also spot I've been toying with grassy/mossy decals. Still playing with those, I don't expect to leave them as-is.

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